ICore is a corporation that sells custom plugins for Faction / HCF servers, with very close monitoring for a better experience, you can also order a plugin on our discord !

Others Plugins

This category is made to show ahead of the other plugins available by the team, all these plugins are very reliable and have been tested many times !


IClassification is quite possibly the best faction ranking plugin, a very easy to use config with lots of options, a Menu or in the chat, you can configure both !


IOptimization is a server optimization plugin, it allows to drastically reduce the lags present on the server and to optimize a lot of functionality available in the plugin config. Addons for this plugins are available on the discord !


ISecurization is the best security plug-in currently on the market, when properly configured your server is 90% protected, to allow you to have a server with a minimum of security. (A guide is provided with to further secure your server) .



About Us

We have a discord for the support and the sale of the plugins, or you can contact us by email at [email protected]